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The Mulo Gutter Robert Boyle v2

The Mulo Gutter Robert Boyle

The Mulo Gutter version 2

The Mulo Gutter version raw

The Mulo Gutter

The Mulo gutter is an invention that generates electricity with rainwater.

The energy production of a single gutter will remain low, but on a large building and if this system is developed in many constructions in the world. The energy gain at the global level should be interesting, moreover when it rains, we lose solar electric and thermal energy, the Mulo Gutter will be able to compensate for this loss. The system should be able to generate enough electricity to at least light up stairwells in buildings when it rains. Or also to supply a ventilation system to make the air of better quality or just to make the air in the house drier. In addition, the installation of Mulo gutters on the Mulo and Muhleisen towers is already being considered, to compensate once again for the loss of solar energy when it rains heavily.

To limit expenses during installation, it is possible not to connect the electrical system of the Mulo Gutter to the main electrical system and only to connect it to an alternative lighting or ventilation system. To test.

An automatic and electric filter cleaning system can be envisaged to limit the number of human interventions on the system.

Version 2 leaves a small space between the accelerator and the turbine to avoid blocking problems, the turbine has been moved so as to leave only one direction of rotation possible (small adaptation to the gutter to be expected.

In South Asian countries, for example, people use a lot of electricity to "dry the air" during heavy rains. An electrically simplified version of the Mulo gutter should make it possible to dehumidify the air in homes, without electricity, during heavy rains. The raw mechanical energy can be connected directly to a small fan, located inside the house. Without electricity a torque reduction system from the rotation of the transmission shaft of the turbine to the fan can be installed (because the fans do not need a great mechanical force to turn).

Under certain water filtration conditions, it should be possible to extend this system to sewage sewage or other locations. This system can be used with wastewater collection from large buildings, even when it is not raining. Remember that it is also possible to recover heat from used water in homes to increase the temperature of the cold water intended for the boilers, by simple contact between the pipes.

We can also imagine a small turbine placed at the level of the water evacuation of your bathroom, which could be used to supply for example a small air extraction fan, to prevent the formation of mold in the rooms. bath.

The Robert Boyle Mulo Gutter uses one Robert Boyle vial to return water to the system, you can plan to use multiple Robert Boyle vials to return more water upstream of the water wheel.

Mulo gutters can be equipped with a wheel at the level of the electric generator, type wheel in perpetual motion by Leonardo da Vinci or other inventors. The wheels must be equipped with blades at the ends to retain water like the water wheels.
Example of an ideal Vinci wheel for Mulo gutters to increase electrical efficiency:

The wheel of Vinci

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